Canterbury Home Repair Programme

The Canterbury Home Repair Programme (CHRP) is EQC’s managed repair programme for Canterbury homes with damage between $15,000 and $100,000 (+GST) per claim. (Claims below this range where there is structural damage are also managed through CHRP.)

In this section you can:

1. Download the Customer Guide to the Canterbury Home Repair Programme - July 2015

In this publication you can find out about:

  • Before your repair: Who manages the repair, assessing the damage, getting your house ready; information for landlords, moving out and site commencement meeting.

  • During your repair: What to expect, building consents, issues or disputes, dealing with asbestos.

  • After your repair: Completion inspection and defect liability.

2. Find out about Fletcher EQR

The Canterbury Home Repair Programme is project managed by Fletcher EQR, a division of Fletcher Construction, on behalf of EQC.

  • Fletcher EQR project manages the repair work as agent for the Earthquake Commission. Project management teams are based in a central office in Christchurch. The physical repair work is carried out by accredited contractors and their staff or subcontractors.
  • The repair work is carried out by independent contractors, including many local Canterbury tradespeople. They must be accredited with Fletcher EQR to do this work.

3. Download the Land structures factsheet

In this publication you can find out the following:

  • what is an indemnity value
  • how does EQC assess the indemnity value of land structures
  • what happens next

4. Find out about the benefits of being in CHRP

If you're in the Canterbury Home Repair Programme, all aspects of the repair process will be taken care of by Fletcher EQR. They'll:

  • obtain the building consents and carry out the design work
  • organise the physical repairs and monitor quality
  • ensure the work complies with the Building Act and relevant codes
  • protect you from cost escalation
  • ensure any defects that are identified within three months of completion are remedied.

5. Learn about the repair process under CHRP

Before work starts, you'll be visited by your CHRP contracts supervisor and the contractor.

They'll confirm the earthquake damage and scope of the repairs with you. They'll also discuss:

  • the estimated start and finish dates
  • access to your property
  • proposed hours of work
  • any need to vacate your property or relocate any of your contents during the work
  • any hazards on your property (such as asbestos ceilings)
  • the health and safety plan for your property

and similar topics.

They'll also answer any questions you may have about the process.

You'll receive a CHRP welcome pack, which includes more information on the process and a commencement form for you to sign.

6. Find out about identification

All staff representing Fletcher EQR and EQC – including tradespeople working on your property – will wear a photo identity card.

  • Any person claiming to represent Fletcher EQR or EQC who is unable to present their photo identity card shouldn't be allowed to access your property.
  • If you're concerned about the identity of a visitor, contact the Police immediately and notify your hub.

A council inspector or other professional may visit your property during the repair process to inspect the work for compliance with building codes and standards. They will also always carry identification.

7. Find out about repair completion

When your repairs are completed, you'll meet with the contracts supervisor to inspect the work and confirm that the job has been completed, to the appropriate standard. Following this, there is a three-month warranty period in which any defects related to the repair will be rectified.

8. Find out about the complaints process

If a problem occurs during the repair process, you can talk through any issues with your contractor, the Contract Supervisor or Contract Administrator at the Central Hub. You can email or telephone Fletcher EQR’s Customer Service team on 03 341 9900.

9. Find out about Canterbury home repairs for the vulnerable

Everyone in Christchurch has experienced some level of vulnerability because of the stress associated with multiple earthquakes.

EQC is working with a range of social, health and welfare agencies to identify vulnerable people whose repairs should be given priority.

Learn more

10. Find out what to do if you have concerns about your CHRP repair

EQC takes the quality of the work carried out through the Canterbury Home Repair Programme (CHRP) seriously.  If you have concerns about your CHRP repairs, please notify EQC.

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