Land claims

Damage to land under and around a deck at a Canterbury property.

If your house is insured, EQC also insures a defined area of your residential land.

In this section you can do the following:

Access information about land claims and settlements

Information on Land Claims

The Guide to Canterbury Land Claims - Visible Land Damage (May 2015 edition) tells you:

  • how to make a claim for land damage
  • how EQC assesses and settles land damage
  • what is and isn’t covered, and
  • how much excess you’ll pay.

The guide also explains the land claim process, which is shown below:

Land claim process set out in a flowchart.

The Guide to Settlement of Canterbury Flat Land Claims (April 2013 edition) tells you about repair methods for some common types of land damage.

Understanding your land settlement pack tells you what you will receive when your claim is settled. This includes examples of the documents that will be included in your pack to outline the damage which is covered and how the settlement amount was calculated.

Learn about types of damage

Read about types of Land Damage.

Access geotechnical reports

Access the Liquefaction Vulnerability Study (published March 2013)

Access the Stage 3 geotechnical land report – as well as the earlier Stage 2 and Stage 1 reports.

Learn about technical categories

Technical categories

Related information

See the 'Land' page (in 'What we do') for information on:

  • what land damage is and isn't covered under EQCover
  • how much can be paid out.

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