All land graphs below updated to 29 November 2016

In total, there are 73,501 properties to be assessed for land damage

There are 49,828 properties with a claim for visible flat land damage only.

There are 7,785 properties in the Port Hills with a land claim

There are 9,877 properties that are being assessed for Increased Flooding Vulnerability (IFV)

There are 9,015 properties that are being assessed for Increased Liquefaction Vulnerability (ILV). This population includes properties found to qualify as well as those that have now been found not to qualify.


All figures are based on a property count.

Red zone properties owned by the Crown are not included in the Overall Land Settlement Progress chart under the “Work In Progress” count as resolution for these claims has not yet begun.


This data below is current as at: 30 September 2016.

Home repairs

67,758 Homes in the Canterbury Home Repair programme

Claims and settlements

166,978 properties with a valid dwelling claim. This comprises both cash settlements and managed repairs.

Contents Claims

187,360 Contents Claims


Amount settled in claims so far this week


To date: $

Both figures are GST inclusive and approximate

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