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Policy - Prosecutions (25 November 2020)

EQC is committed to protecting public resources through a programme of fraud risk management. Prosecution action is one of a number of fraud risk management enforcement responses that may be implemented by EQC where fraud has been identified and certain thresholds are met. This policy outlines the EQC’s process of taking Prosecution action. 

Download Prosecutions Policy (PDF, 233 KB)

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Policy - Fraud (13 May 2021)

EQC is committed to the prevention, detection and response to the risk of fraud in the work we do. The Fraud Policy assists in raising awareness among workers, business partners and customers; provides guidance of how fraud can be recognised and reported; and sets out the responsibilities for the management and mitigation of the risk of fraud across EQC.

Download Fraud Policy (PDF, 258 KB)

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Policy - Charging for Official Information Act 1982 Requests (July 2021)

The Official Information Act 1982 (the OIA) includes a provision under Section 15 for agencies to charge requesters for information supplied under an OIA request.

Download Charging for OIA Requests Policy (PDF, 262 KB)

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