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Requesting Claim Information

For information about your claim, or if you have already received information and would like to discuss this, call our Contact Centre on 0800 DAMAGE (0800 326 243), our Customer Service Consultants can assist you. Alternatively, you can email us at

If you’re unsure what you need, we can help work through the questions you have and determine which information will provide the best outcome.

To get the best result it is important for your request to be as specific as possible.

  • Let us know if it is building, land or contents information.
  • If possible, name the specific document(s) you want and the claim numbers they relate to.
  • If it is information relating to a person (assessor or contractor), please tell us who that person is.

You should receive a response within 20 working days of EQC receiving your request.

What claim information is held?

While claim information is physically held in three separate areas, EQC and two organisations contracted to complete work on behalf of the Commission, you can make a single request to EQC to collate and send out any information relating to a claim.

  1. EQC holds claim information in its claim management system (CMS) – this includes EQC assessments, claim documentation, file notes (including the key points from your conversations with EQC), etc.
  2. Fletcher Earthquake Recovery (EQR) is contracted by EQC to manage repairs from earthquake damage to homes relating to the Canterbury earthquake events. Claim information relating to these repairs (relevant emergency work and substantive repairs) is held by EQR.
  3. Tonkin and Taylor hold geotechnical records relating to drilling that may have taken place directly on, or nearby, customers’ properties. This information is generally not included in a response unless specifically requested.  Click here to see an example of geotechnical data held by Tonkin and Taylor.

Please note the following:

  • Your claim file request will be considered under both the Official Information and Privacy Acts.
  • For privacy reasons, an individual claim file will usually be released only to those people who are listed as claim contacts on the file.
  • Your request will only provide information that is available at the time of the request e.g. If your claim has not yet been settled, a request for information may not give a date of settlement or expected timeframes.
  • EQC will generally release cost estimates if requested, though there are occasions when, for commercial reasons, EQC is unable to release this information. Click here to read more about why in some cases, EQC will keep cost estimates confidential from any information released. 

EQC will always endeavour to provide the information requested by customers in its response, however there may be circumstances where we are unable to fulfil a request on the basis that doing so would require substantial collation or research (Section 18(f) of the Official Information Act), or is not readily retrievable (Section 29(2)(a) of the Privacy Act). If information is withheld under these grounds this will be outlined in our response to you.

Requesting Non-Claim Information

When requesting general information held by EQC (i.e. EQC policies or procedures, etc.), your request will be considered under the Official Information Act 1982.

As with any request for information, please be as specific as possible. You can contact us at or via post:

Official Information Act Requests
Earthquake Commission
PO Box 790
Wellington 6012

Is there a cost?

EQC will not charge a homeowner for a request relating to their claim/property. For non-claim file requests, section 15 of the Official Information Act provides EQC with the option of charging requesters for the supply of Official Information. If EQC decides to charge for a request, this decision will be made in writing to the requester. 

For more information about the criteria EQC uses for charging, please see the Policy – Charging for Official Information Requests. Please note that this policy is based on the Ombudsman’s Charging Guidelines (PDF 1.1MB) and the Ministry of Justice’s all of government charging guidelines (PDF 29KB).

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