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Joint review

EQC has set up a joint review process, to facilitate resolution in cases where there is disparity between a private insurer’s assessment of EQC’s liability, and EQC’s assessment of that liability.
The vast majority of properties going through joint review are able to be resolved – which then gives customers certainty over payments and who is responsible for the repair of their homes.

If you, as a customer, are disputing a difference in assessment between EQC and your insurer, you should contact the insurer. If they agree that a joint review is required, they’ll raise your dwelling claim with EQC as a candidate for joint review.

Once a Joint Review has been requested, there are four steps your claim must go through

  1. Staff from both EQC and your private insurer review all paperwork and if required, attend the site to reach agreement on scope of damage.
  2. Your claim(s) will be taken through the apportionment and settlement process and we will advise your Insurer of the outcome.
  3. Once we receive confirmation from your private insurer that they agree, we will settle all claims, or your insurer will raise a dispute. We require your insurer to review and confirm their agreement or disagreement before we can proceed any further.
  4. If at stage 2 we have identified that EQC has any outstanding liability, EQC will make payment for that liability. The payment is made at the same time that we notify your insurer.  

Once we have received confirmation from your private insurer, your claim will be settled.


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