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Getting your contents claim settled

If you have an open contents claim, you need to complete a Schedule of Contents form and send it to EQC, along with any supporting documentation. 

Learn more about putting in a contents claim

The information provided on this webpage is specific to the Canterbury events and in accordance with the detailed provisions of the Earthquake Commission (EQC) Act 1993 current at the time.

In February 2019 the EQC Act changed. Find out about the changes on our Act changes page.

The Schedule of Contents form

  • You should have received a copy of the Schedule of Contents form in the mail. (If not, you can access it online, or phone us on 0800 DAMAGE (0800 326 243) for another copy.)
  • If you think you may have difficulty completing the form, phone us on 0800 DAMAGE and we’ll talk you through it.

Important: Please include your claim number in any correspondence you send to us.

Processing your claim

Send in your contents claim – including all the supporting documentation – as soon as you can.

  • We generally process claims in the order they're received.
  • However, we give priority to people who are vulnerable because of illness, age or other special factors. If this applies to you or someone you know, call us on 0800 DAMAGE (0800 326 243).

Keep some items

We may need to inspect damaged items that are worth more than $500 when we process your claim. For this reason, you should keep those items until your claim has been settled.

Property in homes to be demolished

If your home is to be demolished as a direct result of earthquake damage and you've made a claim for contents that cannot be recovered from the house, we won't be able to settle your claim until we've been formally advised by your private insurer that your home will be demolished and that the personal property isn't salvageable.

Getting paid

If you’d like to be paid electronically, please make sure you’ve provided us with a bank deposit slip or a letter from your bank identifying your bank account number. (We can accept these electronically if they’re scanned and emailed.)

If you want to close your contents claim

If you don’t want to proceed with your contents claim, please let us know so we can close your claim for you:

  • Phone 0800 DAMAGE (0800 326 243)
  • From overseas: call +64 4 978 6400

What is and isn't covered

Read about what is and isn't covered for your contents ('EQCover' section).

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