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Geotechnical investigations in TC3

Geotechnical drilling at a property in Christchurch, 2012.

EQC carried out geotechnical investigations in Technical Category 3 (TC3) in order to understand local soil conditions before the foundations of approximately 10,500 homes can be repaired or replaced. 

Drilling was completed on 21 December, 2012. (Read the media release.)

What happens next?

Data management and interpretation

EQC manages the drilling data through the web-based Canterbury Geotechnical Database.

  • The data is uploaded to the database when drilling has been completed.
  • The data is highly technical. It is available to geotechnical and structural engineers, council officers, and other specialists, to assist them with the design of foundations for obtaining building consent for your home. 

Examples of drilling data

Example 1 – TC3 drilling data (PDF, 278 KB)

Example 2 – TC3 drilling data (PDF, 196 KB)

Repair of your home

Once the land near your home has been tested, geotechnical and structural engineers will analyse the information and design foundations specific to your property. These designs then go to the local council for building consent.

Drilling for land data

In some suburbs that have already been drilled as part of the TC3 foundation damage drilling programme, EQC is carrying out further geotechnical investigation to find out more about the soil composition.

This information will be used when settling land claims, and will not delay settlement of building claims.

Find out more

Cover of the factsheet: TC3 Investigations and Assessments.

The factsheet TC3 Investigations and Assessments gives you a detailed outline of the drilling process. It also explains why the drilling was necessary and answers some common questions.


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