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Pre-existing building issues

In some cases, pre-existing issues unrelated to earthquake damage may change the way a building claim is managed.

Examples of these issues include:

  • construction defects
  • poor maintenance
  • 'leaky home' (weathertightness) issues.

Common features of homes with a style or construction that, in the opinion of EQC, could compromise the ability to accurately identify and repair earthquake damage include, but may not be limited to:*

  • Intersecting roofs that direct water behind the cladding
  • Poor maintenance of paint coatings
  • Gaps in waterproof coatings behind spoutings or other fixtures attached to the cladding
  • Penetration of the cladding by spoutings and fascias
  • Claddings penetrated by fixings or decorations
  • No step down at doorways/decks
  • Insufficient height to flashings where roofs or decks join
  • Reliance on sealant for waterproofing
  • Insufficient clearance of cladding to the ground or over a deck or roof surface
  • Insufficient movement control joints
  • Parapets without cappings
  • Flashings missing from windows and doors
  • No drip edge at bottom of cladding
  • Horizontal surfaces to parapets and handrails
  • Penetration of cappings by handrail fixings.

EQC is cash-settling your home

EQC is cash settling these claims because of the potential liabilities of engaging in repairs to buildings where:

  • There is already actual damage to the building arising from existing construction issues
  • There is potential for future damage due to the construction and design of the building
  • There is a likelihood building compliance cannot be achieved following repair as a result of pre-existing construction issues.

You can find out further information about being cash-settled due to pre-existing building issues in this factsheet

*These criteria are based on guidelines produced by the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment (MBIE), formerly the Department of Building and Housing, following discovery of issues related to dwellings constructed of a particular style, or with material that may expose the dwelling to a higher risk of water ingress at some future date.

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