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Canterbury home repairs for the vulnerable

We are committed to prioritising the home repairs of the vulnerable people in Christchurch. For our vulnerable customers we provide a dedicated team of case managers who become a single point of contact for the customer, providing them with regular and consistent updates. We can offer this service through phone calls, face to face appointments, or a combination of both.  We tailor a contact schedule that fits the customer’s needs. 
Case managers for vulnerable customers can be accessed through calling EQC on 0800 DAMAGE (0800 326 243).

EQC vulnerability criteria

Every person’s individual circumstances are unique and require a range of factors to be considered when identifying vulnerability and the scheduling of their repairs. EQC considers the following criteria when identifying vulnerable customers:

  • is dependent on a carer(s)
  • has been diagnosed with a terminal illness
  • has a serious condition requiring continuous monitoring (e.g. dialysis, weekly blood tests)
  • has experienced loss of life within their immediate family from an event (e.g. 2011 Canterbury February earthquake)
  • requires monthly visits to health professionals for regular monitoring of a health condition/s or has been admitted to hospital two or more times in the last 12 months
  • has a health condition that can be managed with medication:
    - on-going  (e.g. stress, high-blood pressure)
    - temporary (e.g. a broken bone, recovery from an operation)
  • the customer’s age is considered in combination with the criteria above.
  • damage to the home, although the scale of damage is not in itself a factor, as a comparatively minor repair might dramatically improve living conditions.

There could always be exceptions for customers with unique and complex circumstances which we then consider on a case by case basis.

Help us identify vulnerable customers

You can approach us with information about vulnerability, either in your own circumstances or for a relative, friend or neighbour. There is no right or wrong way of doing this. If you wish, you or your support person can call EQC on 0800 DAMAGE (0800 326 243) to discuss your situation. The more information you can provide to us, the better informed we are to assess the prioritisation of your claim.


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