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Building claims

Fletcher EQR tradesmen repairing a home under the Canterbury Home Repair Programme.

In this section you can do the following:

1. Find out about the repair process for homes with different amounts of damage.

Small claim cash settlements

If your home did not sustain structural damage and the cost of repair has been estimated as being under $15,000, you will (or already have) receive a cheque from EQC.

While our repair methods and costings are well proven given we have repaired in excess of 68,000 houses to date under the Canterbury Home Repair Programme, if you feel that the actual cost of repair will differ significantly from the EQC estimated cost, or that a repair item was omitted from your settlement amount, then you are welcome to send evidence to support the request for further EQC payment.

Firstly, you should bank the cheque as this does not in any way prejudice you if you choose to dispute the EQC settlement. We are also very happy to provide the costed scope of works (if you haven’t already received one) to help you understand how we arrived at your settlement amount.

Managed repairs

For people whose overall home repair or replacement will cost more than $15,000 (+ GST) and less than the EQC cap, which is usually $100,000 (+ GST) per event  

  • Your claim(s) will be referred to the Canterbury Home Repair Programme (CHRP).
  • You can nominate a contractor however they will need to be accredited for ongoing work with the programme and be available to do the work when it is planned.

Over-cap claims

For people whose home repair or replacement will cost over the EQC cap – for most people this is $100,000 (+ GST)

If damage from any single event exceeds the EQC cap (usually $100,000 + GST), the management of repairs or replacement will be handed over to your private insurer.

  • If you have a mortgage (or other financial security) on the property, we'll usually pay the settlement amount to the mortgagee.
  • If your property is freehold, we'll pay the settlement amount to you. 

Payments more than cap

In some circumstances, a customer may have received more than $100,000 plus GST in total from EQC. There are scenarios when this may happen but this does not mean that the settlement amount has exceeded our per event cap.
Learn more about Payments more than cap

2. Find out more information about the Canterbury Home Repair Programme (CHRP)

The Canterbury Home Repair Programme (CHRP) is EQC’s managed repair programme for Canterbury homes with damage between $15,000 and $100,000 (+GST) per claim.

On the CHRP page there is specific information:

  • what the CHRP programme is
  • a land structures factsheet
  • nominating your own contractor
  • benefits of being in CHRP
  • identification
  • repair completion
  • complaints process
  • home repairs for the vulnerable

3. Find out more about pre existing building issues

EQC has a dedicated team handling homes where pre-existing construction issues have been identified. To go directly to this page you can follow this link

4. The issue of asbestos

Find out how EQC is dealing with asbestos and we answer any questions you may have. The asbestos page can be directly accessed at this link.

5. Certificate of title notification

Some property owners have a notification on their Certificate of Title (or ‘land title’) under Section 74 of the Building Act 2004, which indicates that the land is likely to be subject to a specified natural hazard (or hazards). This page will lead you to notifications relevant to this area.

6. Investigations and improvements

EQC carried out investigations and research to understand local soil conditions and trial ground improvements. You can find further information on the Geotech investigations in TC3 and Ground Improvement Programme pages.

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