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Claim Review

If you believe we have missed damage on your property or that the settlement amount is not fair and reasonable, and you can provide evidence to support your opinion, you can request a claim review.

The Claim Review Form needs to be completed if you want EQC to review your Canterbury claim for natural disaster damage. You need to provide us with the information requested in this form otherwise we will not be able to review your claim(s).

There is some useful information about completing the Claim Review Form attached to the form and some additional information below.

Information for EQC customers obtaining engineer reports
Guide to providing remedial information to EQC
Important Q&As about Canterbury Home Repair Programme remedials

Please note an EQC review may result in us upholding or overturning our original decision. As per Schedule 3, Section 7 of the Earthquake Commission Act, the insured person shall provide any reports needed at their own expense.

It is important that you understand that simply by submitting this information does not guarantee an additional settlement but that the claim will be reviewed taking the additional information into consideration.

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