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Retaining walls, bridges and culverts

What structures are insured by EQC?

EQC provides cover for:

  • bridges and culverts that are situated within eight metres of the house, or on land within 60 metres of the house that is part of or supports the main access way; and

  • retaining walls and their support systems that are necessary for the support or protection of the house or insured land (including the main access way) if they are within 60 metres of the house.

Retaining walls that serve a landscaping function, rather than supporting or protecting your house or the insured land (including the main access way), are generally not covered by EQC.

For further details see what land is and isn’t covered.
For more information about structures on land read our guide land structures - retaining walls, bridges and culverts

What is the maximum level of cover provided for land structures?

For claims involving damage to retaining walls, bridges and culverts, the settlement will be calculated on the basis of either the cost of repair, or the ‘indemnity value’, depending on the damage to the whole area of insured land.

Claims where there are damaged retaining walls, bridges or culverts on insured land are sometimes complex. This may be because of the time it takes for valuers to calculate and cross-check the indemnity value of the damaged structures.

The indemnity value of damaged property takes into account the age and condition of the damaged structure.

‘Indemnity value’ is different from the cover of homes and contents by the EQC Act, which are insured for replacement value. The indemnity value of a retaining wall, culvert or bridge will likely be lower, and in many cases a lot lower, than its replacement value.

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