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Land reports and land insurance publications

This page includes a directory of land publications and reports into land damage written or commissioned by EQC. They are grouped by topic.

Land general including geotechnical reports

  • Householders Guide to EQCover

  • Geotechnical land reports for the Canterbury earthquakes - these reports were prepared for EQC by Tonkin & Taylor (environmental and engineering consultants). The purpose of the reports is to communicate information that may be relevant to residential land claims under the Earthquake Commission Act 1993. Please note: This information is not intended to form a complete technical report on land changes in all or any part of Canterbury.

    • Stage 3 land report - Canterbury Earthquakes 2010 and 2011. Land report as at 29 February 2012. Published: July 2012

    • Stage 2 land reports - Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Geotechnical factual reports by suburb. Published: December 2011

    • Stage 1 land reports - Darfield Earthquake Recovery. Geotechnical factual reports. Published: October 2010–Feb 2011

Visible land damage

Increased Flooding Vulnerability

Increased Liquefaction Vulnerability

  • Liquefaction Vulnerability Study - EQC engaged Tonkin & Taylor to undertake a study to determine a method for predicting where liquefaction-related damage is likely to occur in future seismic events in Canterbury

Both Increased Flooding Vulnerability and Increased Liquefaction Vulnerability

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