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Dallington Upper Stage 1 land report

Darfield Earthquake Recovery

Geotechnical factual report

February 2011


The Earthquake Commission (EQC) engaged Tonkin & Taylor (T&T) to undertake site investigations around selected suburbs of Canterbury following the Darfield Earthquake sequence that started on 4 September 2010.

These site investigations comprise:

  1. Cone penetration testing
  2. Machine boreholes
  3. Geophysical testing
  4. Groundwater observations
  5. Laboratory testing

Site investigation works and factual reporting is being undertaken for a number of suburbs that were affected by liquefaction induced land damage.

The report contains factual data to provide a geotechnical source for council consent applications for the suburb. This report presents all currently available geotechnical and engineering geological investigations that were commissioned by EQC after the 2010 Darfield Earthquake and all readily available data that Environment Canterbury and Christchurch City Council hold for the suburb.

This is a factual report of field investigations. The field investigations have been undertaken at discrete locations and no inferences about the nature and continuity of ground conditions away from the investigations locations are made. No interpretation of investigation results has been made in this report.

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