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Stage 2 land reports

Cover of Stage 2 land report. Christchurch Earthquake Recovery

Geotechnical factual reports by suburb

Published: December 2011

Purpose of these reports

These reports were produced for the Earthquake Commission by Tonkin & Taylor (environmental and engineering consultants) to assist in assessing insurance claims made under the Earthquake Commission Act 1993.

These reports are not intended for any other purpose. It is recognised, however, that they may assist central and local government planning for effective long-term solutions for the affected communities.

Neither Tonkin & Taylor nor the Earthquake Commission accepts any liability to any third party with respect to these reports.


Stage 2 Executive Summary (PDF 114KB)

Readers' Guide  (PDF 110KB)

Stage 2 Report  (PDF 361KB)

Appendix A  (PDF 551KB)

Appendix B  (PDF 1.53MB)

Appendix C  (PDF 451KB)

Background documents

Question and answers on Stage 2  (PDF 70KB)

Stage 2 fact sheet  (PDF 24KB)

Stage 2 timelines  (PDF 317KB)

Reports by suburb

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