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Sample visible land damage only settlement pack

Your visible land damage only settlement pack includes:

  1. Land Settlement Letter - showing the settlement amount and related information.
  2. Settlement Calculation Sheet – a breakdown of the settlement amount, including the types of land damage covered and excesses deducted.
  3. Assessors' Land sketch – a drawing showing the location of damage evaluated by the assessors.
  4. Legend – note showing the assessors' measurements and calculations.
  5. Guide to Canterbury Land Claims - Visible Land Damage – step-by-step guide to the land claim settlement process.
  6. Guide to Settlement of Canterbury Flat Land Claims – guide to some common land repair methods.

Note: If you have a mortgage and the settlement amount across all your EQC claims is over the mortgagee threshold then the mortgagee will receive the payment and copies of the settlement letter, calculation sheet, land sketch and legend.

Sample flat land settlement pack

Sample letter thumbnail

1 - Download: Sample flat land settlement letter.(PDF, 441)

Sample calculation thumbnail

2 - Download: Sample Settlement Calculation Sheet. (PDF, 216KB)

Sample land sketch thumbnail

3 - Download: Assessors sample land sketch. (PDF, 110KB)

Sample legend thumbnail

4 - Download: Sample legend. (PDF, 216KB)

Guide cover page thumbnail

5 - Guide to Canterbury Land Claims.

Settlement guide thumbnail

6 - Guide to Settlement of Canterbury Flat Land Claims.


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