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Progress and updates

This is a snapshot of our recent progress in Canterbury.

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By the numbers

The speed in settling claims in Greater Christchurch by the Earthquake Commission has increased in the last four months, with EQC now having the lowest number of claims ever for the Canterbury earthquakes on hand and improved customer satisfaction.

At the end of November 2018, EQC was managing 2,337 Canterbury earthquakes claims. This is down from 2,631 claims open at the end of October and 3259 claims open at the end of August.

EQC settled 967 claims in November. A further 646 claims were reopened during the month – generally for either unsatisfactory home repairs or drainage issues.

At the end of October, customer satisfaction with EQC Canterbury claims teams was at 44%, up from 40% in the previous month (reported one month in arrears).

We acknowledge there is still room for improvement, but claims settlement is certainly speeding up and this work will continue in 2019.

Our Performance dashboard reports have more information about our work in Canterbury.


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