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Canterbury FAQs

After an earthquake

What should I do if I think my home is unsafe?

Contact the Christchurch City Council on 03 941 8999. They'll tell you what to do next

Can I claim the cost of getting liquefaction cleaned up?

Yes - if you have a fire insurance policy covering your home which is in force at the time of the natural disaster, EQC will cover the cost of getting the liquefaction cleared and taken away from your home and your insured land.

Make sure you get a tax invoice from the contractor. Keep receipts for costs such as tip fees or dumping costs, so you can claim these back from EQC.

What should I do if my property is damaged by an aftershock?

If you haven't previously made a claim: You should lodge a claim.

If your property is further damaged by a new event: you should lodge a new claim.

How do I identify EQC staff?

All EQC assessors carry photo ID. These have security features, including watermarks.
If you have any doubts about the authenticity of the photo ID, call us on 0800 DAMAGE (0800 326 243) or call the Police.


Under $15,000 cash settlement

How do I know if I have an <$15,000 Claim?

Some simple steps you can take to work out if you have an under $15K claim with EQC, consider the following points:

  • Your damage consists of superficial cracking, falling indoor tiles, plastering, wallpapering and cracks in your walls, or other non-structural damage.
  • Your claim or claims relate to a stand-alone dwelling rather than multi-unit building.

If the above points describe your situation, then your overall home repairs are likely to cost less than $15,000 and you will probably be cash settled

Why is EQC cash settling claims for under $15,000?

Where the damage is cosmetic in nature and simply requires repairs such as plastering, painting and wallpapering, it makes sense to pay these claims in cash, so homeowners can get on with doing the repairs themselves or organising someone to do it for them.


Can I see my scope of works?

When EQC first assessed your property, we completed an initial Scope of Works. It was a broad estimate of damage and the scope may well have changed since then. If you would like a copy of this uncosted EQC Scope of Works at any stage, you are welcome to call us.

Will EQC pay for engineers' reports or other specialist building advice?

EQC generally arranges reports that it requires to assist in settling your claim. Check with EQC first if you want to be reimbursed for reports that you organise yourself, as EQC is likely to only pay for a report if it provides additional information that is required by us to assist in settling your claim.

My damaged rental property is unable to be tenanted. Is the rental income covered by the EQC?

The EQC doesn't cover this type of loss, but your private insurer may do so. Check your policy or contact them to find out.

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