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Contents claims

Many of the outstanding contents claims for the Canterbury events are in relation to homes that have or are to be demolished due to the severity of the damage caused by the earthquakes. These claims are usually for carpets and drapes.

You can find out how to claim for your carpets and drapes here.

You can find general information about contents cover on our Contents cover page

The information provided on this webpage is specific to the Canterbury events and in accordance with the detailed provisions of the Earthquake Commission (EQC) Act 1993 current at the time.

Question and answers

Will EQC accept my claim for damaged items?

Due to the length of time since the Canterbury earthquakes, the majority of claims for damaged items has been received and settled. 

We recommend you contact us to speak to one of our team about your concerns.

What if my carpets and drapes are damaged during the repair of EQ damages?

EQCover is for damages that are caused as a direct result of an earthquake. We recommend that you speak to one of our team or to your claim manager about your concerns and we may be able to guide you through some options that may be available to you.

How much will EQC pay for carpets and drapes?

EQC will consider any site measured quote during the review process. They will also take into account any previous settlements made for contents and the EQC cap for contents. Your claim manager will guide you through this process and how the amount is determined.

Where there is no appropriate quote provided. The following will be applied;

  • carpet payments will be calculated at $80 per square metre
  • window coverings replacement will be calculated at a total of $500 per window (not per window covering).

In cases where the entire home is being replaced, EQC will calculate that 85% of the home is carpeted, and that there is one window per 9.3 square metres. Your claim manager will discuss the amount with you which will take into consideration previous settlements and the EQC Cap for contents.

What do I need to provide?

We recommend you contact us to speak to one of our team about your concerns. Our team can talk you through the process. Alternatively, visit our Claim Review page for more information.

In February 2019 the EQC Act changed. Find out about the changes on our Act changes page.

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