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Improving the Canterbury response

On this page you’ll find information on independent work to review and improve the response to the Canterbury earthquakes and improve readiness for future events. 

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Claimant Reference Group

We are working with customers and claimant advocates to find the best solutions for outstanding and future claims.

More on CRG

A 2018 Independent Ministerial Advisory Report recommended EQC establish a Claimant Reference Group (CRG), comprised of claimants and community representative advocates who are paid for their time and expertise, and who meet EQC senior management regularly. 

Following this recommendation, the CRG was designed in partnership between EQC and a group of claimant representatives to deliver on the brief outlined in the Independent Ministerial Advisor report. 

The CRG was subsequently established and met for the first time in October 2018. 

The CRG has been established with the purpose of “improving the EQC experience of current and future claimants, with an immediate focus on the Christchurch experience”. The CRG will achieve this by focusing their efforts on “ensuring EQC is actively resolving the most important issues openly and transparently with claimants”. 

The CRG is responsible for: 

  • generating ideas about areas EQC can improve 

  • testing EQC improvements 

  • liaising with EQC to monitor and communicate progress. 

The CRG meets regularly as a group (at least monthly) engaging with EQC senior management and other experts as required in order to develop and communicate its advice.


The current members of the CRG were invited to participate in the group based on their expertise, and previous advocacy for the voice and rights of claimants. The members of the CRG represent a variety of interests from the Canterbury community and have been appointed for an extended term until 31st March 2020.. Members of the CRG are reimbursed for their time in line with the Cabinet Fees Framework

Membership of the CRG

Meeting minutes and agendas

January 2020 meeting minutes (PDF, 277KB)

November 28 2019 meeting minutes (PDF, 286KB)

November 25 2019 meeting minutes (PDF, 222KB)

October 2019 meeting minutes (PDF, 242KB)

September 2019 meeting minutes (PDF, 291KB)

August 2019 meeting minutes (PDF, 257KB)

November 2018 to June 2019 meeting agendas (PDF, 9.5MB)

October 2018 to July 2019 meeting minutes (PDF, 7.2MB)


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