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How to make a complaint to EQC

New Zealanders rely on EQC to provide efficient claims management in the aftermath of a natural disaster. While we strive to make the process as easy as possible, we also appreciate that things don’t always go according to plan given the challenging circumstances of a natural disaster.

If you have a complaint about the service you've received from EQC or one of our partners, please let us know so we can help you sort it out. 

(If you want to report dishonesty, please phone 0800 00 27 28 or use EQC's online allegation form.) 

Complaints brochure

You can download a brochure about ‘How to make a complaint’ here.

Online complaints form

Complaints form


0800 652 333 from within New Zealand.



(04) 978-6432 from within New Zealand.

Write to:

EQC Claims
PO Box 311
Wellington 6140

What happens after you lodge a complaint

  • Upon receiving your complaint, an EQC representative will contact you within 10 days. They will gather more information and consider the best approach to help you achieve resolution of your complaint.

  • The EQC representative will manage your complaint all the way through the process, keeping you fully informed of timeframes and steps along the way. The outcome of the investigation will be discussed with you and this will be confirmed in writing.

What to do if you're not satisfied with the outcome

Independent Support Agencies

There are free services that provide impartial advice to help homeowners settle their unresolved residential earthquake claims. The overall aim is to help homeowners, particularly those with complex claims or in dispute, through to claim resolution so they can move forward with confidence.


If you've made a complaint to EQC and you're not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint investigation, you have the right to raise your concerns with the Office of the Ombudsman.

Contact details for the Ombudsman

Phone: 0800 802 602

Write to:

The Office of the Ombudsman
PO Box 10152

The Ombudsman will ask you if you have first tried to resolve your issue with us directly. They'll look into your complaint and may make a recommendation to us regarding the issue you have raised.

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