Safe 6

Safe 6 reminds workers and homeowners of the six potentially fatal risks which can occur during residential repair work.

More injuries happen on residential building sites than in any other construction workplace in New Zealand. Construction injury rates here are double the rate of Australia and nearly six times the number in the United Kingdom.

1. Falls from height

Falls from any height can pose a significant risk of serious harm or death.

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2. Confined / Restricted Spaces

Confined or restricted spaces can be dangerous because of a lack of oxygen, toxic atmospheres, hazardous substances, mould, fungus, sewage, live wiring or liquefaction.

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3. Electrical Danger

Electricity is an unseen hazard and you won’t know it's hit you until it’s too late.

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4. Motor Vehicles

Motor vehicles are used every day and used regularly for work activities.

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5. Personal Threat

You may come into contact with people or groups who choose to make verbal or physical threats to you or your work team

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6. Asbestos Exposure

Exposure to asbestos can be a significant health risk.

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Page last updated: 25 May 2017

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