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Get help after volcanic eruption

Volcanic ash can cause damage to your property if it isn't removed quickly.

Please note that cleaning up volcanic ash is homeowners' responsibility (it isn’t covered under EQC natural disaster damage).

What to do

Remove the ash from roofs and inside your house – but only if it is safe to do so.

GNS Science advice on cleaning up volcanic ash recommends the following:

  • Lightly dampen the ash (to prevent it billowing) and sweep it up.
  • Remove ash immediately – before rain if possible. But remember that ash particles have sharp broken edges, making it a very abrasive material.
  • Clean house roofs first – if it is safe for you to do so – to reduce windblown ash causing damage to guttering and blocking downpipes.
  • Don't run air conditioning or clothes dryers.
  • Keep your doors and windows closed.
  • Vacuum indoor surfaces, where possible, or use a damp cloth to remove ash. Avoid vigorous rubbing.
  • If you have a roof-fed water supply, it's important to disconnect it when an ash fall is occurring or during the clean-up, to stop ash entering the storage tank.

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