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Information for eligible homeowners

EQC has put together information packs and a process & timeframes guide to help Canterbury homeowners who are eligible for ex-gratia payments from the Support Package.

The following information packs cover all the important things eligible homeowners need to know about the Support Package, what they need to do and a helpful guide with timeframes.

We have also included information that eligible homeowners and potential licensed building practitioners and experts can also read and use to understand the process. This includes information about selecting licensed building practitioners, experts and professionals you need to undertake the work required, getting damage assessments and quotes and ensuring repairs are done to the standards of the Earthquake Commission Act 1993 (the EQC Act).

Please note: The information in the following packs apply only to homeowners who have applied for and been advised they are eligible for the Support Package.

Support Package: Information pack for eligible homeowners

The information in these two packs are best to be read in conjunction with each other. 

Support Package: Information pack for licensed building practitioners and experts

The following template documents are also available for licensed building practitioners and experts:

Support Package: Factsheet

Support for eligible homeowners

If you would like further support with your On-sold application, we encourage you to speak to your EQC Settlement Specialist directly.

Alternatively, you can either: