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What is payable under the Support Package?

If you qualify, payment will be based on how the property was repaired and a new scope of works.

The scope of works takes into account: 

  • the work required to repair the natural disaster damage in accordance with the EQC Act, and
  • any other reasonable cost of that repair work.  

We may have settled the original homeowners claim by a managed repair (where we undertook the entire repair process), cash payment (where the homeowner receives a cash payment and manages the repair themselves), or a combination of the two.  

If a previous homeowner received a cash payment for some or all of the repairs, and those repairs need addressing, you will need to find out who did the work, and what warranties are in place. You can read about warranties on the  Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s building website(external link).

If you find that the repairs have not been carried out, you may need to find out more from the person you bought the home from, and the real estate agent you used to buy the property.  

It’s important that any payment you receive is used for repairing or replacing damaged property. Any future insurance claims or cover may be affected if the payment is not used for this purpose.  

Payments will be administered depending on the value of the over-cap portion of the payment.

To read the full government On-sold Support Package policy, see here(external link).