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Step #1 Making your claim

1. Making your claim

To lodge your EQCover claim you will need to contact either your private insurer or EQC.

Details and advice for who to contact for lodgement can be found on our Make a claim page. Lodgement can generally be conducted online anytime or over the phone.

Once your claim has been received, you will be provided further details about the claims process so you know what to expect. Generally, you will be assigned a claim manager who will be your point of contact throughout the claims process.

  • If you have damage to both your home and land, you should only need to lodge one claim.
  • If a further natural disaster event causes new damage, you’ll need to lodge a new claim. (e.g. another earthquake event).

Note that you may be insured via a broker – in this instance your broker will help you lodge your claim with your insurer.