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Step #4 Settlement

Following the assessment, your claim manager will discuss the EQCover claim outcome with you.

Where your claim is accepted, your claim will most likely be settled by cash settlement.

When your claim is ready to be settled, your claim manager will contact you to explain what this means. This explanation will outline what the outcome of the assessment for natural disaster damage is, the total of your settlement amount, where the settlement will be paid to if the claim is being settled by cash and the excess that has been deducted.

Before making the claim payment, your claim manager will provide you the supporting settlement documents for your records.

If you have any questions about your claim outcome, contact your claim manager.

Your responsibilities

You will need to communicate everything you know about the natural disaster damage and how it happened. You will need to provide copies of any documents requested (for example urgent repair invoices) to support your EQCover claim.

If there is a need to clarify any details about your claim, you may be contacted by phone or email.

Step #5 Next steps

5. Next steps