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Selling a property

One of the most common requests for information we receive is for the purpose of aiding a property sale.

We have identified the specific claim information required for this purpose and you can request the documentation as a package. If you find that you require information in addition to the information outlined below once you receive the response, we are more than happy to discuss your needs. We aim to provide you with a house sale package well within 20 working days.

A house sale package may include the following documents:

  • Property assessments (statement of claim, statement of damage, Comet Scope of works, costed Scope of Works)
  • Scope change summaries
  • Variations to work orders
  • Specialist reports (engineer, electrical, asbestos, mould)
  • Contractor and sub-contractor quotes
  • Work Orders
  • EQR (Earthquake Recovery) property Overview (financial summary)
  • Final account agreements
  • Sign off(s)

The package contents will vary depending on whether a claim was cash settled or referred for a managed repair through the Canterbury Home Repair Programme. For example, there will be no sign off documents or contractor invoices for a cash settled claim. Claim documents will only be included if they exist in relation to the property. You can find out more about our claim documentation pack and other documentation on our Claim Documentation page.