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2017 changes

From later this month, EQC will be the main point of contact for all customer enquiries relating to Canterbury Home Repair Programme (CHRP) repairs.

Until now, customers have dealt with EQC and/or Fletcher EQR – depending on what stage their repairs have been at. But, from 16 December, EQC’s 0800 number (0800 326 243) will be the main number for all customers – including those whose properties are in the current sub-floor review, who will be transferred to the Fletcher EQR staff focussing on that work.

No delays are intended or anticipated, but personnel changes due to the completion of about 68,400 first-time CHRP repairs may mean some customers will have a different contact person at EQC or EQR in 2017.

EQC’s General Manager Customer and Claims Trish Keith says these customers will be advised of any changes and provided with new contact details.

“We don’t want customers who currently have a contact person at EQC or EQR calling us and only then finding out that someone else is looking after their claim.”

She says any changes will be limited to EQC and EQR personnel, and repair work will be carried out by contractors that have already worked for the home repair programme and are familiar with EQC’s systems and quality expectations. Most CHRP contractors will finish work for the year on 23 December and resume work from 9 January.

EQC's Contact Centre hours over the holiday period

  • 23 December: 7am-5pm
  • 24-27 December: CLOSED
  • 28-30 December: 8am-5pm
  • 31 December – 3 January: CLOSED

Normal hours will resume from Wednesday 4 January

  • Monday - Friday 7am-9pm
  • Saturday 8am-6pm

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