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EQC calls for applicants for the 2020 Biennial grants programme

EQC calls for applicants for the 2020 Biennial grants programme

The Earthquake Commission’s 2020 Biennial Grants programme is now open for applications.

EQC funds research that helps New Zealanders understand our natural hazard risk and find ways of reducing the impact when events do happen. 

The Biennial Grants programme has been running since 1989 and has provided around $10 million in funding for more than 250 projects since the programme began.  The programme funds researchers on everything from improving understanding of earthquake behaviour, techniques to make buildings stronger and understanding how people can prepare for natural disasters.

Projects currently underway from the 2018/19 grant round include finding out how New Zealanders might use an earthquake early warning system, monitoring landslides in Auckland and developing technology to understand the signals volcanoes give through gases in their plumes.

As with all EQC-funded research, results are shared publicly and can be used by other researchers, industry experts and practitioners and public policy makers.

The application process for the Biennial Grants programme is in two stages. Applicants are first required to submit the preliminary two-page application form by Friday 31 May 2019 stating the objectives of the proposed project, giving an estimate of cost, and setting out the benefits and relevance of the research.

Those who are shortlisted will be invited to submit a detailed proposal with supporting documentation by Friday 16 August 2019.

EQC will announce the successful applicants in late November 2019 and funding will be available to start in January 2020.

To find out more about eligibility and how to apply please visit the Biennial Research Grants page at

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