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EQC information for April 2018 storm customers

Homeowners who suffered land damage from flooding or landslip in the April storm are encouraged to contact the Earthquake Commission to lodge a claim if they have not already done so. 

Manager National Customer Care, Robyn Nation, says that EQC has so far received 83 claims following the April storm, with 43 claims lodged in the Rotorua district.

“People whose property suffered storm, flooding or landslip damage have until the end of July to lodge a claim before the three-month claim period ends.

“We have also received claims from people in the Whangarei, Auckland, Thames-Coromandel and Western Bay of Plenty districts. This particular storm also caused damage in the South Island with claims lodged in the Timaru, Waitaki and Dunedin City districts.

Mrs Nation says that EQC has so far received 1,019 claims for all the storms that have hit the country this year, including ex-cyclones Gita and Fehi. EQC has closed 685 of these claims and paid almost $7,800,000 to customers.

“Unfortunately it is likely that more storms will cross the country and these could well cause more damage to people’s land. Therefore, it is important that homeowners know that EQC is here to help them and they should get in touch with us if their property incurs landslip, storm or flood damage.

“In each event, we determine how many properties are affected by the storm and the type and extent of the damage to each property, and match our resources accordingly.

“One of our team assesses each claim and, depending on the type and extent of damage, we might also get a valuation report and a geotechnical engineer to visit the property. A key role for us is to consider what further risk there is of damage to people’s sections.

“The more information a customer can provide during the claim process, the more we can understand their requirements and whether their damage is covered under the EQC Act. Our approach is to cash settle claims for land damage and it is the homeowner’s responsibility to arrange for the necessary work to clear or repair their land.

“In reviewing your claim, EQC may cover the financial cost of clearing your section of debris caused by a landslip or flood. Talk to us before you incur costs or make any repairs,” says Mrs Nation. 

EQC’s storm damage factsheet is available at and the silt and debris inundation factsheet is at

Claims can be lodged online at, via email on, or by calling 0800 DAMAGE (0800 326 243).

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