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EQC information for residents following ex-Cyclone Gita

EQC is encouraging homeowners to lodge a claim if their property has been damaged as ex-Cyclone Gita crosses the country.

Chief Customer Officer Trish Keith says that although many people are still cleaning up and repairing damage caused by the remnants of Cyclone Fehi earlier this month, they should not be deterred from lodging a new claim.

“Unfortunately this latest storm may cause damage to parts of the country already damaged by ex-Cyclone Fehi. Even if you have lodged a claim for that event, you should still lodge a new claim with us if this latest storm damages your property.” 

“Homeowners have three months from when the damage occurred to lodge a claim, and as with any event such as the cyclones, the safety and welfare of your family, friends, neighbours and community come first.”

“Our team is working hard to assist and support the communities right around the country who have been affected by the recent storms. Anyone whose property has been damaged by those events, or this latest storm, should talk with us,” says Mrs Keith. 

EQC covers storm and flood damage to residential land only, with home and contents damage covered by private insurance according to the terms of an individual’s policy. 

EQC covers landslip damage to land, home and contents, within certain limits:

  • Land cover is outlined below.
  • Your home is generally insured up to a maximum of $100,000 +GST per event, on a replacement value basis.
  • Your contents are generally insured up to a maximum of $20,000 +GST per event, on a replacement value basis.

EQC coverage of land is limited to land that is within your land holding – and includes:

  • land under your home and outbuildings (e.g., shed or garage)
  • land within eight metres of your home and outbuildings
  • land under or supporting your main access way, up to 60 metres from your home (not driveway surfacing).

EQC land cover includes:

  • bridges and culverts within the above areas
  • some retaining walls that are necessary to support or protect your home, outbuildings or insured land
  • the removal of debris, such as silt or fallen trees, from the insured land (not replacement of items on the land, such as trees, plants, lawn and driveways).

View our detailed information on storm damage cover.

Claims can be lodged online, via email on,  or by calling 0800 DAMAGE (0800 326 243). The EQC call centre is open 7am to 9pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 6pm on Saturdays.

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