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EQC media response on confidentiality clause

EQC was asked by the Press for comment on confidentiality clauses that are included in some settlement agreements with customers. EQC provided this response on 30 April 2018.  ​

When EQC enters into a settlement agreement with a customer, it is intended to be the final resolution of their dispute.

Because of this, the settlement agreement contains standard terms and conditions that provide for the customer to withdraw their claim in court once they have signed the agreement, and not raise the dispute through other channels, including through the media.

This clause does not prevent customers from discussing any other aspect of their claim externally, aside from the issues that were part of the dispute.

The terms of the settlement also do not prevent customers receiving their correct and full entitlement or lodging further claims for earthquake damage that their home may have incurred.

Before signing a settlement agreement, a customer has the opportunity to obtain independent legal advice on the terms of that agreement. Then, if they have any queries or concerns with the settlement agreement, they can be raised with EQC at that stage.

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