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EQC reviews customer interactions

As part of the process of applying the lessons of the Canterbury earthquakes, and continually improving customer experiences, EQC has appointed LSI Consulting to undertake a review of its customer interactions.

The review will focus specifically on customer enquiries, requests for information under the Official Information Act (OIA) and the Privacy Act, and customer complaints.

The overall objective of this review is to deliver a proposal on how EQC can deliver an improved and sustainable operating model for managing all aspects of customer interactions and responding to customer enquiries, OIA requests, and complaints.

The scope of the review includes:

• A stocktake of all aspects of current customer interactions relating to the enquiries, OIA and complaints processes.
• Analysis of the type of enquiries, requests and complaints received.
• Analysis of any clear links between effectiveness of the current enquiry handling process and the need/desire for customers to lodge OIA/Privacy Act requests or make formal complaints.
• The primary focus is on Canterbury customers but processes and experiences from other customers should be reviewed to understand the key drivers of enquiries, OIAs and complaints.
• Analysis of the senders of the request (e.g. their location, type of claim, first request or one of many, claimant, advocate).
• Analysis of type of resources required by teams currently responding to these enquiries and complaints.
• Assessment of current tools used to resolve customer complaints and enquiries.
• Analysis of performance measures of current processes and appraisal of current culture including responsiveness to requests for assistance and information operating across EQC and EQR with respect to handling of these matters.
• Enquiry into other similar organisations’ approach to managing enquiries and complaints and effectiveness of operating models used

The scope of the audit excludes (but may be used to inform future decisions):

• Reviewing the underlying BAU claims management process (subject to a separate project review) except the aspects which relate to customer interactions.
• Recommendations on changes to EQC’s core operating systems.


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