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Flood damage: what EQC covers

Flood damage: what EQC covers

If your home, or the surrounding land, has been damaged by the recent heavy rain, here are a few things you need to know about what EQC covers:

  • For landslip damage, EQC covers homes, contents and land.
  • For flood and storm damage, EQC covers land only.
  • Your own insurer will cover house and contents damage, according to the terms of your policy.

What kind of land is covered?

If your house is insured, EQC also insures a defined area of your residential land. EQC will assess the amount of damage to your residential land and provide cover up to the maximum amount specified in the Earthquake Commission Act.

Residential land is land on which the house is situated, and land within 8 metres of the house or outbuildings (such as a garage or storage shed). Land within 60 metres of the house that constitutes, supports or is part of the main access way to the house from the boundary, is also covered.

The surface of the driveway or any artificial surfaces like concrete or asphalt that cover the access way are not covered.

EQC cover for land damage also includes:

  • Bridges and culverts that are within 60 metres of your house and form part of the main access way.
  • Retaining walls and their support systems that are necessary for the support or protection of the house or insured land (including the main access way) if they are within 60 metres of the house.

Making a claim

You must make a claim within three months of the date the damage occurred. Click here for our claims page.

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