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Kaikoura earthquake update 4

How we are doing

EQC and private insurers continue to make steady progress on over 38,000 residential claims. As at 31 August, we have completed 80% of initial assessments of residential buildings and settled 45% of claims for building damage (in comparison to 62% assessed and 34% settled as at 31 July). 

So far EQC has paid:

  • $83.7 million to insurers who manage EQC customers
  • $23.5 million to customers that EQC manages (land and/or properties with open or unresolved claims for prior natural disaster damage).

EQC and private insurers’ focus continues to be on the hardest hit communities within Marlborough, Kaikoura and Hurunui. As a result our assessment and settlement progress in these regions has been greater. The table below shows our progress as at 31 August 2017:

Region Total number of
building claims
% of building claims
with initial assessment
% of building claims
Marlborough 4,325 88% 51%
Hurunui 2,796 92% 44%
Kaikoura 2,177 92% 49%

EQC-managed claims

We are also very happy with the progress we are making with the around 5,400 EQC-managed claims. We have almost completed all initial assessments, with 95% of customers' building and land claims having had the initial assessment done and 80% been settled as at 31 August. In the Hurunui, Marlborough and Kaikoura regions EQC has settled 83% of land and building claims.

Looking at the latest progress numbers, we’re pretty confident that we continue to be on track for the majority of Kaikoura earthquake customers to receive their settlements by the end of 2017.

Need more information or not happy with the outcome?

Having insurers acting as EQC’s agents for Kaikoura earthquake-related claims, is a trial and draws on lessons learnt from Canterbury and the 14 February 2016 earthquakes. One of the aims of the new approach is providing a simpler process for customers. This includes ensuring that not only is there a simple, independent process for customers who have queries about or issues with their assessment or settlement, but that customers know how to access it.

Essentially, customers who have a query or an issue with their EQC claim that is being managed by insurers as agents of EQC, are encouraged to first raise it with their private insurer. Customers should be prepared to provide the insurer with any additional information that supports their case. If a customer’s EQC claim is managed by EQC then they should contact us directly. To find out more about how queries or complaints in relation to EQC’s Kaikoura claims are managed, please visit here

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