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Kaikoura earthquake update 8

Kia Ora,

In this month’s newsletter you can find an update on how many EQC customers have received their Kaikoura earthquake settlement and hear more about our plans, and timeframes, to complete remaining claims.

How we are doing

As at 31 January 2018, we’ve completed 98% of all initial residential building assessments, 88% of residential building settlements, 96% of contents settlements and 98% of land settlements.

So what’s left overall?

As at 31 January, of the 38,000 residential claims that resulted from the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake, we’ve got the following left to complete:

  • 2%, or just under 800, of initial assessments of residential buildings.
  • 12%, or less than 5,000, building settlements,
  • 4% of all contents settlements, and
  • 2%, or just over 70, of all land settlements

Below is our settlement progress in the following areas as at 31 January 2018:


Total number of building claims

% of building claims left to be settled










Christchurch city



Wellington city



So far we have paid:

$295million to insurers who manage EQC customers; and

$32.19 million to customers who we manage (land and/or properties with open or unresolved claims for prior natural disaster damage).

EQC-managed claims

We were responsible for directly managing just over 5,400 claims. As of 31 January 2018, we’ve got just over 150 claims, or three per cent, left to settle.

What’s next?

We’ve learnt from managing previous natural disaster responses that it’s really hard to forecast exactly how long it’s going to take to finish the last few claims. As at today, we’re confident we are well on track to complete the vast majority of the remaining EQC claims by the end of March this year.


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