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Message from Chief Executive Sid Miller

The thoughts of EQC’s Board, management and staff are once again with the people of Canterbury as we recognise the seventh anniversary of the devastating 6.3 magnitude earthquake that forever changed the region. The impact of the 22 February earthquake, and the other significant quakes from that time, continue to be felt today by many people — our customers, our staff and the wider Canterbury community.

EQC has achieved a great deal since 2011 and is proud of what we have delivered for our customers. In the last seven years we have:

  • Received over 470,000 earthquake claims
  • Paid around $9 billion in settlements to our customers
  • Repaired 67,747 homes through the Canterbury Home Repair Programme
  • Completed $98 million of emergency repairs, enabling our customers to remain in their homes
  • Paid over $92 million towards Clean Heat options in Canterbury
  • Paid over $550 million in land settlements
  • Closed close to $550 million in contents claims
  • Cash settled thousands of claims enabling customers to move on in their own time, on their own terms
  • Completed our first-time land claims and our drainage programme claims
  • Completed over 99% of all claims, with 2,624 claims remaining*.

* As at January 31: 2,415 dwelling claims; 21 land claims; and 188 drainage claims remain unresolved. There are a further 394 land claims subject to litigation that cannot be resolved.

While we have learnt much from our work in Canterbury, we also acknowledge that our work is not finished. Some customers need our help and support and our focus remains on the settlement of all of the outstanding claims. Our experience in Canterbury has delivered results and driven changes to how we work, but our customers remain the focus of what we do.

All remaining Canterbury earthquake claims will transition to a dedicated Canterbury Business Unit (CBU) from early March. The standalone nature of the CBU, and the introduction of Settlement Specialist roles, will deliver end-to-end case management and a single point of contact for customers.

More than 2,500 EQR employees and close to 20,000 contractors have worked alongside the EQC team in the Canterbury Home Repair Programme (CHRP), the largest residential construction programme ever carried out in New Zealand. The repair of 67,747 homes is a credit to the combined efforts of thousands of Fletcher EQR staff, building contractors and the EQC team and the volume of EQR claims is now less than 200. These claims will be rolled into EQC’s programme of work and managed by the Canterbury Business Unit.

The anniversary of the 2011 earthquake is a time to remember what happened that day and the impact on a region and its people. It continues to shape not only the work that EQC is doing for Canterbury but also for residents and natural disaster events across New Zealand.

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