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New Minecraft Mod shakes up earthquake education

Kids learning while happily playing the ShakerMod

Skeleton horses and killer bunnies may not be traditional learning tools, but a new mod for the computer game Minecraft is using them to teach important lessons about earthquake safety.

In partnership with Te Papa, EQC has funded development of a new Minecraft mod called ‘ShakerMod’ to help kids learn to Fix. Fasten. Don’t Forget.

In ShakerMod, kids fix and fasten objects, then simulate earthquakes at different magnitudes. When the quakes are triggered, players see and hear the shaking, and watch as objects smash or survive depending on their earthquake-proofing skills. Players can also see how different Minecraft creatures fare in their quake.

The game can be played at Te Papa as part of its earthquake education programme, Earthquake Encounters, or downloaded to play at home or at school (users need to have a license for the Minecraft game).

Reactions from kids playing the ShakerMod have been really positive with comments like: “It’s just awesome”, and “It was really cool how everything not held down fell over and smashed.”

Read the full release on Te Papa’s website.

Photo: Kate Whitley,Te Papa

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