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EQC and Fletcher emphasise safety with safe6

Contractor with high visibility vest and words: Safe 6 - stay safe, stay alive.

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EQC and Fletcher EQR are rolling out a new safety campaign, safe6, to all operational staff.

Safe6 involves three key things:

  1. Focusing on safety risks
  2. Intervening to put them right, and
  3. Reporting the actions taken to ensure that everybody learns from them and future risks are eliminated or reduced.

With several thousand tradespeople in the Canterbury Home Repair Programme (CHRP), safety statistics show we could expect fatalities unless we’re rigorous about our workplace safety.

Our aim is zero harm. This is ambitious – but no level of harm is acceptable.

Six key fatal risks

EQC and Fletcher EQR have identified six key fatal risks contractors and staff may be exposed to. These risks are:

  1. Falls from height
  2. Confined/restricted spaces
  3. Electrical danger
  4. Motor vehicles
  5. Personal threat and
  6. Asbestos exposure.

EQC and Fletcher EQR developed “rules to live by” to manage these risks so everyone gets home safely each night from work. 

Safety in CHRP

safe6 is an extension of the safety programme in the Canterbury Home Repair Programme, which is built on:

  • Safety policies for all contractors
  • Site-specific safety plans for all repair work
  • Site induction and personal safety gear for all workers on-site, and for all visitors
  • Reporting of all incidents and hazards
  • Investigation and reporting on all significant incidents
  • Constant information flow on safety issues, policies, hazards and compliance.



  • Use the online form to contact EQC, or
  • Phone 0800 DAMAGE (0800 326 243).


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