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EQC Claims Manuals and Assessment Manual

EQC Claims Manuals 

EQC’s claims manuals set out policies on how EQC applies the Earthquake Commission Act 1993 (EQC Act) when dealing with residential building and land claims.  

EQC Claims Manual – Residential Building – PDF (2406KB), updated 08/06/2021 

EQC Claims Manual – Residential Land – PDF (2641KB), updated 08/06/2021 

EQC Assessment Manual 

The Assessment Manual sets out EQC’s best practice guidelines and relevant policies on how EQC (or those authorised to assess natural disaster damage on EQC’s behalf) assesses claims lodged for natural disaster damage in accordance with the EQC Act. It also provides common damage elements, examples and guidance to support consistent practices while assessing natural disaster damage. 

EQC Assessment Manual – PDF (24,472KB), updated 16/08/2021 


This manual has been written for the use of the Earthquake Commission (EQC) and everyone authorised to deal with a residential building or land claim on EQC’s behalf: 

  • EQC’s staff and contractors; 

  • private insurers (acting as EQC’s agent under the Natural Disaster Response Agreement (dated 29 October 2020)) and their staff and contractors; or 

  • third-party providers (authorised to act on EQC’s behalf, either appointed by EQC or an insurer as permitted under the NDRA) and their staff and contractors.  

This manual has been designed to be hosted internally, and therefore links within this manual have been disabled. We recommend that you read this manual in conjunction with the EQC Claims Manuals – Residential Building and Residential Land (linked above) and refer to the relevant sections as required.  

EQC endeavours to the best of its ability and knowledge to ensure that the material in this manual (and other EQC documents that this manual links to) is always accurate and current. However, EQC cannot accept any liability for the content accuracy of the material within this manual (or other EQC documents that this manual links to) at all times. 

Acknowledging the above, this document will be updated regularly. When these updates are made, EQC will endeavour to publish the latest version on this website as soon as practicable. However, there may be a period where this website does not reflect the latest developments. 

This manual is subject to the Earthquake Commission Act 1993. If there is any discrepancy between this manual and the Act, the Act takes precedence. 

Any person using this manual only does so on the basis that they have read and accepted this disclaimer. 

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