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What happens next

EQC staff member explaining process

Here you can find out what happens after you lodge your claim with EQC.

Please note: Some processes have been varied for people affected by the Canterbury and Kaikoura earthquakes. For more information please see the Canterbury or Kaikoura pages.

1. Letter of acknowledgement

  • EQC will send you a letter acknowledging your claim.
  • We'll also post or email you an outline of the claims process.

2. Insurance verification

  • We'll contact your private insurer to confirm that your cover with them is current. (We may ask you to help with this.) Learn more

3. Assessment of damage

  • An EQC assessor will contact you and make a time to visit your home and carry out a full assessment. (You’ll need to be at home for this.) The full assessment will involve a detailed appraisal of the damage to your property. The EQC assessor may ask a registered valuer to value any damage to your land. They may also get an estimate of repair costs.
  • If the damage is severe or threatens your property, the EQC assessor may organise an engineer's report.

If an EQC representative visits your property, make sure you see proper identification.

4. Settlement

  • They’ll pass all the information on to EQC’s claims settlement team, who will work out your settlement.
  • EQC will then settle your claim, often by paying your mortgagee or the repairer, as appropriate.

When your claim is settled, we may take any of the items EQC has paid for. (This is the same process that private insurers commonly follow.)

Your responsibilities

If EQC needs to clarify any details about your claim, we’ll contact you by phone or email. In some cases, we may visit you at home.

  • You must tell us everything you know about the damage and how it happened, and give us any documents we request (eg, repair quotes and invoices).
  • If we ask you to provide a statutory declaration about the truth of your claim, then you must do this.

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