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EQC announces new CE appointment

Sid Miller appointed as Chief Executive of the Earthquake Commission with effect from 13 February, 2017.
Researcher Jesse Kearse uses a theodolite to measure fence line displacement with part of the Kekerengu fault rupture in the background

Researcher measures mighty movement

Being able to use markers like fence lines and farm tracks was a big advantage in getting solid evidence on how much the land moved along the fault.
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Changes to Executive Leadership Team

EQC Chief Executive Sid Miller has confirmed the new structure of the Executive Leadership Team.
Dr. Simon Barker is carrying out fieldwork at Mount St. Helens (United States).

Mapping volcanic ash fall for all weathers

Research funded by EQC has developed a way of calculating where the ash from a volcano is most likely to fall in different parts of New Zealand.
Image of Geonet 'Felt it' map

EQC confirms $12 million 2018/19 funding for GeoNet

GeoNet has become critical in New Zealand’s ability to detect and interpret geological risk.
Kaikoura coastline from the air

Kaikōura earthquake update 10

In this update we'll tell you about recent progress and why it's important to complete repairs. 
Photo of Stuart Mead with volcano graphic in background

EQC funds research on Auckland volcanic surges

Dr Stuart Mead from Massey University will lead a research project to investigate if evacuation is the most effective solution.
Landslip and flood icons

EQC continues to settle storm and landslip claims

EQC has settled 727 claims from the storms and ex-cyclones that crossed the country between January and June.
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International reinsurers continue to provide cover to EQC

International reinsurers have agreed to provide approximately $5 billion after 2018 reinsurance negotiations. 


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