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EQC announces new CE appointment

Sid Miller appointed as Chief Executive of the Earthquake Commission with effect from 13 February, 2017.
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EQC welcomes Public Inquiry into the Earthquake Commission

The Inquiry is an opportunity for an independent examination of EQC’s approach to the Canterbury earthquakes and the events that followed.
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International earthquake experts meet in Oamaru

This month, Oamaru is host to 70 top earthquake scientists at the 2018 Taiwan-Japan-New Zealand Seismic Hazards Assessment Meeting.
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EQC advice for lodging claims following latest storm

There is plenty of time to lodge a claim with EQC and the priority for is for people to look after themselves.
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EQC seeks clarity on ‘on-sold overcap’ issue

The hearing will be a significant step in enabling homeowners with on-sold overcap issues to move forward.
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Sir Michael Cullen takes up role as EQC Board Chair

Sir Michael acknowledged that there is still work to do in settling Canterbury claims and improving EQC’s claim management processes.
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Looking after yourself and your home following today’s earthquake

People have plenty of time to make a claim, after making sure they and their families and friends are safe.
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EQC’s Crown guarantee funding

The funding will provide financial support for EQC and gives certainty for customers that claims will continue to be settled.


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