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EQC Annual Report 2020-2021

This annual report shows how we are fulfilling our past, present and future responsibilities through our commitment to Recovery, Resilience, Risk Financing and Readiness for any event. Among our achievements over the past year:

  • We created a world-first partnership through the Natural Disaster Response Model
  • We continued to prioritise resolving Canterbury claims
  • We made sigfnificant progress responding to and implementing the recommendations from the Public Inquiry into EQC
  • We continued to develop our relationships with central goverment policy makers, local government, planning and consent officials, designers, engineers, architects and builders
  • We secured record-high reinsurance cover to support natural disaster insurance remaining acessible and affordable to all New Zealanders.

We have continued to work to create an EQC environment that is authentically diverse and inclusive, making sure our systems and processes are free from bias, responsive to different communities and culturally appropriate. Importantly, we are in the early stages of building our cultural capability and familiarity with Te Ao Māori as we begin delivering on our aspirations over the next four years to strengthen our capability.