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Earthquake Commission Data

In order to settle insurance claims, EQC gathers a range of data and information about each claim, and each exposure. The system that EQC uses for managing claims, ClaimCentre, is designed to cash settle insurance claims.  This system was first installed in 2007 and was most recently updated in 2018.

Throughout the Canterbury earthquake sequence, EQC was directed to or undertook a range of functions that ClaimCentre was not designed to support (such as paying invoices to Canterbury Home Repair Programme contractors).  EQC introduced a number of other data and information systems, or designed ad hoc manual processes, to support delivery of those functions.  The range of data that EQC can report on from the Canterbury earthquakes is therefore of variable quality, and not always complete.

After the Canterbury and Kaikōura events, EQC also needed to share data with a large number of other agencies, including private insurers.  A recent review of the Kaikōura event noted that there is still a need to clarify data requirements and transfer formats across the insurance industry, and that this is a priority for preparing for future events.

EQC is now undertaking a range of work to improve its data quality, and the technical systems that underpin that data.

Briefing: Earthquake Commission Data (PDF, 696KB)

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