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Resolving complaints about Kaikōura claims

EQC and the private insurers who are handling claims for damage as the direct result of the Kaikoura earthquake aim to make the claims process go as smoothly as possible. However we recognise that things don’t always go to plan, so we have outlined below the agreed approach to resolving complaints.

EQC-managed claims

If you have an issue about your claim which is managed by EQC, we suggest you contact your claim manager in the first instance. If you don’t know who your claim manager is please contact EQC. If your issue cannot be resolved internally we can guide you through the next steps. For more information visit our How to make a complaint page .

EQC is managing all land claims for damage caused by the Kaikōura earthquake, as well as building and contents claims from customers who:

  • have an open claim from another event (e.g. Seddon 2013 or Canterbury 2010-2011)
  • are insured by a company which is not part of the agreement with insurers for the Kaikōura event, or
  • have direct insurance with EQC

Insurer-managed claims

The majority of claims for the Kaikōura Earthquake event have been transferred back to EQC to manage and therefore will follow the complaints process for EQC managed claims. You can call EQC or your private insurer to check who is managing your claim if you are unsure.

If your claim is still managed by your private insurer, you can contact them in the first instance regarding your complaint. They can explain their internal disputes and complaints management process to you and make recommendations on the next steps.

External disputes resolution service used by private insurers

Complaints that relate to QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited are dealt with by Financial Services Complaints Ltd (FSCL).

Complaints that relate to AA Insurance, FMG (Farmers Mutual Group), IAG (includes State, AMI and insurance managed through ASB, BNZ, Westpac and The Cooperative Bank), Medical Assurance Society/Medical Insurance Society, Tower Insurance Limited, Tower Insurance – Fintel, Vero (including AMP, ANZ and warehouse money policies underwritten by Vero) and Youi NZ Pty Limited are dealt with by Insurance & Financial Service Ombudsman Scheme (IFSO Scheme).

How to access information about your EQC claim

For information held on your EQC claim file, please approach your private insurer, who managed your EQC claim as EQC’s agent. The insurer will provide you with the information.

If your claim for Kaikōura earthquake related damage was managed by EQC and you would like some further information about your claim, please contact EQC on:

Phone: 0800 DAMAGE (0800 326 243); or
Information Requests
Earthquake Commission
PO Box 790
Wellington 6140

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