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Subsequent Kaikoura-related events

Private insurers have worked on EQC’s behalf to complete subsequent earthquake damage claims, as well as damage claims from the earthquake of 14 February 2016.

From 1 July 2019, management of most outstanding Kaikōura claims moves from private insurers back to EQC.

Subsequent events

These events are within the scope of the scope of the Kaikoura EQC-insurer agreement:

Event date Magnitude Location Claim deadline
22 October 2017 5.4 10km west of Kaikoura 22 January 2018
20 September 2017 5.1 30km north-east of Seddon 20 December 2018
08 September 2017 4.3 10km north of Culverden 08 December 2018

Agreement with insurers

Our agreement with insurers is called the Kaikōura Memorandum of Understanding and the management of subsequent claims is outlined in a variation to that agreement.

Read EQC and insurance companies’ Variation to MOU – Kaikoura Earthquake Claims Management PDF (618 KB)

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