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Risk, Volcanic activity
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Developing volcanic hazard and risk models for the Auckland volcanic field as part of the DEVORA project

Natalia Irma Deligne, GNS Science (EQC funded project 12/U640)


Auckland, New Zealand, faces a unique volcanic challenge: the city is built on of the Auckland Volcanic Field (AVF), which will almost certainly erupt again. Unfortunately, the location, timing, or size of the next eruption are unknown. This project set up the framework for understanding and evaluating risk resulting from such a complex and challenging situation. RiskScape, a multi-hazard risk assessment tool, has been expanded to consider the proximal volcanic hazards expected in an AVF eruption. The Auckland building stock is now currently in a RiskScape compatible format, permitting direct evaluation of the consequences Auckland faces from a local eruption. Finally, a development of a detailed scenario of the hypothetical “Mt Ruaumoko” eruption provides insights on how Auckland’s infrastructure will be compromised and levels of services impacted before, during, and after an Auckland eruption. Results indicate that critical services and infrastructure will operate at reduced or no service capacity for weeks to years following an eruption.

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